Enterprise Resource Planning System in Dubai UAE

Business owners be it small or medium businesses always require ready access to valuable yet confidential information related to finance, sales, stocks etc with limited dependency on an individual. Reports and information at the touch of a button is every business owner’s desire.  With the latest ERP systems that has been developed by major giants across the ever evolving information highway this has been made a reality too. 

But how many of these are really affordable? How many of these modules are really usable? Are all the modules and licensing policies worth for an SMB? Is it worth investing huge amount for a small work force? Are the recurring maintenance and renewal pricing within budget?

These are few of the questions that make SMB Business owners withdraw from deciding on an ERP suitable for their business. Considering all the above conditions and keeping in mind the requirements of the SMB businesses globally, COG studios has a solution “COG e-Retail”; an ERP system affordable yet scalable to meet all the features and requisites of any standard organization.

COG e-Retail ERP has all modules of Sales, Accounting, Inventory, HR, Payroll etc and is a very affordably priced ERP system for SMB businesses. COG e-Retail is a latest innovation built on cloud architecture and saves businesses any cost related to hardware deployment for ERP. Being a cloud based ERP system users can access their information remotely anywhere with an internet connection in a secured manner.

COG e-Retail ERP system has got an easy to use interface with report generation being only a matter of few clicks. It is scalable to meet the growing demands of an organization and yet very much affordable. COG e-Retail ERP is assured to be the best ERP system for your business in terms of value considering implementation and customization.

Key Features of COG e-Retail ERP System:

  1. Easy interface
  2. Highly secure
  3. Customizable
  4. All ERP key modules


Cloud based ERP

COG e-Retail has been built on cloud technology to save cost of hardware deployment.

Affordable ERP for SMB

COG e-Retail has been priced in an affordable manner to enhance the reach of all small & medium businesses to a valuable and reliable ERP system.

Latest and Highly secure ERP solution

COG e-Retail is an advanced and highly secure ERP system for SMB Businesses. Secured remote login features make COG e-Retail an advanced solution at an affordable cost.

ERP in Dubai

COG e-Retail is focussed to be the most reliable choice of ERP in Dubai, U.A.E. COG e-Retail can be deployed as an ERP for a Start-up company and be upgraded to enterprise level with its scalability features, along with the growth of the firm. All this can be done with customization and minimal cost.


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