Environmental Monitoring Systems in Dubai, UAE
EMS for Server Rooms

Datacentre Environment Monitoring systems are in great demand and now with surplus manufacturers in the market, the difficulty is only in getting the best and most reliable Environment Alert System. With premium brands such as Avtech, they deal in nothing but the best devices and equipment. When it comes to security solutions and business resources related products, you cannot go wrong if you buy the right products from trusted brands. Most businesses nowadays employ servers for data storage and communication among different business departments. These servers form one of the most important backbones of a business and add significantly to the smooth functioning and productivity of a business. For such intricate and high performance device needs, look no further than Businesszone, your first choice of Avtech distributors in Dubai. Avtech has been recognised as one of the best environment monitoring systems across the world and even in Dubai, U.A.E. International references are available on Avtech’s official website.

Business servers are critically machines which need the right set of conditions and the right environment to function properly. It is very important to have dedicated rooms for servers in your company premises and to carefully monitor and maintain the environment in these rooms. For solutions which ensure that your servers run optimally and stay healthy, products from Avtech are the perfect room alert solution. Avtech sends SMS Alert, E-mail Alert & Call Alert for Temperature, Fire, Humidity, Motion detection or if any of the assigned parameter is triggered by the Environment Monitoring Sensor.

As one of the primary Avtech distributor in Dubai, we appreciate that Avtech products carry the brand value and the quality that Avtech have meticulously developed over the years. These products are currently in use in a large number of businesses which have derived great performance from them and can vouch for their quality and functionality. Being one of the foremost server room monitor device dealers in the UAE, we stock all Avtech products which you can use to ensure perfect health and performance from your servers. These products can help you maintain server room conditions and ensure that they stay within optimum levels. Furthermore, these Critical Environment Monitoring Systems can also alert you in the event of extreme changes in environment and provide failsafe measures so that you can avoid any damage to your expensive servers. We are currently considered one of the most important temperature monitor distributors in Dubai, and our association with Avtech has certainly been a productive and rewarding one. Here are some of the solutions available with us –

Real Time Monitoring - TemPageR

For Temperature monitoring: Temperature Sensor & Alert. These monitors can be placed anywhere and do not need to be physically connected with a computer terminal for access. Rather, they use Ethernet to stay connected with your existing computer system. The small size enables you to easily install these monitors even in tight spaces. The monitors come with special management software which makes it easy to stay on top of temperature and environment conditions in all your important areas. In case of an emergency, the software is equipped to send alerts via phone, text messages, emails and pager service. Temperature data and sensor status can be accessed remotely from any location, using credentials and an easily navigable web interface.


Room Temperature Alert

As one of the leading Avtech dealers in the UAE, we stock their immensely popular Room Alert series of room Temperature monitors and Temperature Sensors. These monitors can used in any situation or for any requirement , and are specially equipped to sense even slight changes in the environment through the use of high quality sensors to send Room Temperature Alerts. Apart from the ability to sense critical environment changes and alert workers through a variety of different methods, the Room Alert series of monitors are also equipped to automatically carry our corrective measures so that normalcy can be restored.


Datazone has installed Avtech Environment Monitoring Systems across many leading corporates & their IT facilities in Dubai and U.A.E. The Power Monitoring Sensor, UPS Sensor and SMS Alert have been the core area that has been requirement for most of the banking industry. Flood sensor with Temperature & Humidity Sensor, and E-mail alert on the other hand has been the primary requirement for almost any IT Head. As soon as the Environment Monitoring System detects Temperature, Humidity, Flood, Water, Power, Motion etc. from the sensor and once the threshold defined is triggered, the  sensor notifies the Environment monitoring system to Alert the IT Manager/ Facility Manager via Call, SMS or E-Mail alert.

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