Time Attendance & Access Control Systems

Attendance management is a key operational and HR process requirement in any business organisation. For companies, it is of paramount importance to stay on top of the process of employee attendance. This enables them to keep track of irregularities, latecomings and absences. Thus businesses make accurate estimations about their salary pay-outs according to the attendance records thus collected. Therefore, businesses always have the need for efficient and easy to use time attendance solutions. At Businesszone, one of the leading time attendance system distributor in Dubai, it is our pleasure to make state of the art time attendance solutions available for your use. Our commitment to quality, strict adherence to good practices and alertness about evolving technologies in time attendance segment is unparalleled. This makes us one of the most reliable people to come to when you need high quality Biometric Time Attendance Solutions in U.A.E and Oman. We offer a range of products which can be used to suit any type of corporate or commercial setup.

Biometric Soltutions

Time attendance is a concrete requirement of every company that drives one of the biggest outgoing components of a company - salaries. Hence, it is one of the important business processes which have a strong bearing on the fortunes of the business. As one of the prominent Biometric Time Attendance distributor in Dubai, we consider it our duty here at Businesszone to stock only the best products, sourced from the leading brands of the world. This enables us to provide businesses with solutions which make full use of the latest advancements in technology and development. Our systems can be used for not just attendance control, but for a number of other purposes as well. As one of the best Biometric Time Attendance Systems distributors in the UAE, let us take a look at what we have to offer. 

Time Attendance Systems & Finger Print Readers

Time attendance systems can be very basic, if your requirements are basic as well. They can also be packed with plenty of features should you need them in context with your business. Here are a few important facets of the solution we provide –

Matrix time attendance system distributor in Dubai

  • Being one of the most reputed Matrix Time Attendance and access control distributors in Dubai, we have a range of Matrix time attendance systems which allow you to easily control access to your business premises and keep records of attendance of employees for later use. Some models need to be connected to the internet or a computer terminal for storage of data, while some come with built-in storage for added ease of use. We are the leading Matrix Palm Vein Reader distributor and Wi-Fi based Time Attendance & Access Control Devices distributor for Real Time Monitoring.

ZK Time attendance and access control distributor in Dubai


  • As we are one of the leading ZK Time Attendance distributors in Dubai, we also offer different kinds of access options. You can choose between RF based Personnel Exclusive ID Cards, smart cards to work as Electronic Passport, numeric keypad access with PIN control and Biometric systems with fingerprint scanning using Fingerprint Readers. We are one of the leading ZK F18 & Multibio Distributor in Dubai and other popular Fingerprint Biometric Time Attendance devices distributor.
  • We also offer software back-ends which enable you to generate detailed attendance reports based on the parameters of your choice, make statistical calculations and projections. There is also the option to monitor attendance in real time with Time Attendance Solutions from Businesszone Trading, Dubai.
  • Our Time Attendance devices offers clients Central Management of Time Attendance and Access Control devices across multiple locations or sites with basic internet connectivity as a pre-requisite.
  • We are also Mobile Application based Time Attendance Solution distributor to cater to the growing number of Offsite Remote Resource monitoring requirements.