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Businesszone is a distributor of unique products and services for the Hospitality industry in Dubai. Businesszone is an approved distributor in U.A.E for Hotek, which is a market leader in the area of innovative security and comfort products for the hotel industry.

Hotel technology is often divided into three categories; technology for the guest, technology used internally, and technology that bolsters hotel relationships with the hi-tech world.  Perhaps more than any other hotel industry supplier, electronic door lock manufacturers have demonstrated a commitment to each of these areas of product development. 

The evolution of the electronic door locking industry began with guest security, and expanded to increase operational efficiencies available to property management through access control and system integration.  The industry now stands poised to enter the new millennium as a major technology provider, positioning hotels as key players in an era of increased electronic commerce.


From mini-bars to key card systems, and from safes to bathroom and room accessories, Hotek offers appropriate solutions for every segment of the hotel industry. Hotek not only provides products, but also develops and manufactures them. Hotek offers its own product line that is being extended continuously. Quality and competitive pricing are the focal points hereby.


Few inventions have had such widespread and practical appeal to the hospitality industry.  Since the introduction of the recordable electronic door lock in the late 1970's, hotel security has been virtually transformed.  The focus at the time of inception was increased guest security, but the benefit to the property was quickly realized.  Hotel security experts, along with media pundits, the courts, and the insurance industry all agree - keycard locks, which can be easily changed so that every guest gets a new key, are the best way to boost security.  In fact, there is speculation that by the end of this decade, hotels that do not feature electronic locking mechanisms in guest rooms will be unable to obtain insurance.  Even the simplest of key card locks have been found to reduce break ins by up to 80%, reminding us that effective guest room security is an essential part of the hospitality package.


Employee access control was one of the first system enhancements to increase the level of internal technology.  In order for a property to be maintained efficiently, hotel personnel require their own means of entry to rooms in which they must perform daily routines or tasks.  In the past, distribution of conventional keys to housekeepers, room service attendants, and maintenance personnel compromised guest belongings and increased the liability of the hotel.   In some instances of theft, the victim was often the hotel (where even the negligent customer is king), and claims went unchallenged.  The "burden of proof" is welcome by a hotel equipped with modern electronic locks, while the actual lock serves as a log, monitoring and recording up to 1,000 entries.  Many reputations have been restored and many a thankful employee has been cleared of suspicion due to the success of these products. Employee key cards can be coded to allow access only to their assigned units of responsibility and only during the hours of their shift.  Knowledge of these system capabilities may also serve as a deterrent to those less ethical.

With Hotek solutions offered by Businesszone, true on-line security systems are giving hotel operators even greater peace of mind. Information conveyed by this system can be used to determine the occupancy of a room, which can be communicated with energy management systems.  Doors left ajar transmit an alarm, and a courtesy call ensues.  Master keys can be disengaged instantly from the main console, without having to delete the sequence from each lock, which else is a tedious task for the Head of security & information.

Why Hotek:

Personal contact
Hotek is an independent family business. Customer focus, short delivery times and a personal approach are our characteristics. We have been trying to be the best since 1999. Our passion lies in the products we sell and install. Hotek is a very financially sound and stable company. Unique in its kind.

National and international
Hotek has over 3,000 customers, mainly in the hotel business. Hotek also supplies products and services to recreational parks, passenger liners, hospices, individuals, businesses, and offices. Hotek maintains fast and efficient service for its customers through a global network and with local expertise. The national and international markets are catered to from separate departments. Wherever you are located, our international coverage continues to maintain the service you desire.

Green Key
By using sustainable materials, synthetic material- and energy saving and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, we contribute to a better environment. We thus also encourage our customers by acquiring the Green Key.
We at Businesszone support our channel partners for all their Hospitality related requirements & solutions. Hotek Hospitality Group offers and develops innovative security and comfort products for every segment of the hotel branch and is the market leader in the Benelux countries. Besides well-known global brands, Hotek provides a high-quality own product line that is continuously being expanded. This Hotek in-house line is developed from the needs of customers. Quality, durability, environmental friendliness and competitive rates are a recurring theme throughout product development.

Hotek Keycard systems have proved to be the most reliable and yet affordable range of Hotel Locks. The innovative models have QR code locks, Mini Camouflage locks, and also gives you the freedom to design your own lock. Hotel safes, Minibars, Bathroom products are just a few of the range of Hotek products designed for the Hospitality industry. 

For any requirement, please contact : Businesszone an approved Hotek distributor in Dubai. TOLL FREE : 800 BZONE (29663)