Customer Counting at Retail Locations
People Counting Solutions

FootfallCam offers advanced door counting solution for retail chains at an affordable price. Businesszone is an approved distributor of FootfallCam in Dubai and support channel partners in UAE. FootfallCam People Counters are engineered and manufactured in the UK. The counters are designed specifically for retail chains, it is low in maintenance, reliable and does exactly just what the retailers require. It’s a total off-the-shelf solution, so that retailers can start to implement into their stores and get definitive result as to how many customers they have coming into their stores, to calculate sales conversion - a key KPI to manage their business. Footfall counter is the new must-have for retailers.

People Counters for Retail Chains, Shopping Malls, Individual Retail stores, Museums and Libraries.

Footfall is an essential metric to understand visitor's behavior, their preference and visit patterns. The key is to optimize all resources and generate as much opportunities as possible therefore leading to better sales conversions and profit margins. With an increase of understanding on how visitors behave, it gives strong points in devising marketing strategies, sales force planning, hours of operation, traffic flow strategies etc. FootfallCam has provided meaningful analytics that have helped large retail chains such as Watsons, L’Occitane and Bonmarché boost their sales conversion rate and increase traffic flow.

How can you use footfall data?
1. Visitor Counts

Visitor Counts

People counters placed at your entrances will tell you the number of people who visits your premises on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Common questions asked by C-level executives

  • How many people visit my store / shopping mall / museum, library?
  • What are the footfall trends?
  • Which hour of the day is most popular?

The revenue generated from a store does not accurately reflect its performance. To have a more accurate insight of its performance, its best to look at the ratio of traffic count to number of sales. Common questions asked by C-level executives of retail chains and answered by FootfallCam sales conversion reports are:

  • What are my missed opportunities?
  • Which is the best performing store?
  • Which store have the highest traffic but underperforms?


2. Zone Profiling

Zone Profiling

Shopping malls/stores have different zones for different usages. For instance, food court, fashion, luxury zone, men’s section, women’s section etc. Using a zone analytics report, users will be able to have quantifiable figures of each zone and effectively allocate resources such as security personnel to guard zones with overflowing visitors or even sales staff to deal with customers effectively. 
Based on footfall counts, mall management can use reports to justify rental rates based on the sales opportunities generated from the visitor flows. Store management can also use the same to better identify the number of people walking outside their stores and create marketing strategies for maximum exposure. Zone analytic can be utilized to answer the following:

  • Was my area promotion successful in attracting more shoppers?
  • Which zone needs attention in restructuring to raise its attention?
  • Which zone is overcrowded or underused?


3. Traffic Flow

People Counting Traffic Flow

FootfallCam Analytics provide you with traffic flow patterns of visitors. Knowing which pathways are most popularly used will help management to plan out displays placement to attract shoppers into a specific pathway. With traffic flow, it gives in-depth answers of:

  • Do my corridor placements allow visitors to flow through naturally?
  • Which pathways are most popular?
  • How many visitors travel within the mall/store/outside the store etc?


4. Heatmap Engagement

A great insight into shoppers' whereabouts is to measure occupancy and dwell time. Using color spectrum from hot to cold colors, users gain an overview of the number of engaged customers and their respective engaged times. Heat map analysis provides a solution to the questions below:

  • Was my location-based promotion successful in increasing shopper engagement?
  • Which item or area garnered the highest attention from shopper?
  • Is the shopper's waiting time too long or too short in making a purchase?
5. Marketing Effectiveness

With FootfallCam Analytics, you'll be able to evaluate and quantify the impact of marketing campaigns more specifically based on store footfall, the number of new customers created, visit frequency of customers, and sales conversion rate. 

Using the marketing effectiveness report, users will be able to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign from three different time frames, being able to have quantifiable performance and effectively allocate budget for each campaign. Executives use this report to answer the following:

  • Was my advertisement enticing to attract passers-by in my area to my store?
  • Was there a return on investment from the campaign that was held based on sales?
  • Did my campaign have a lasting impact and boost my brand image post-campaign?
6. Staff Planning

People Counting Staff Planning

Staff optimization allows users to forecast the gains and loss of operating stores/malls at different hours and determine whether to extend or shorten operating hours. FootfallCam users will be able to optimize daily operations by identifying the best operating hours to maximize sales opportunity, allocate the right number of staff to serve incoming traffic, and provide better services to customers. 

Store-level managers utilize the staff planning report by answering the following questions:

  • Do I have a shortage of sales staff during peak hours?
  • Are my human resources allocated efficiently during non-peak hours?
  • How many staff should I allocate on upcoming holidays to serve my customers?

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