Office and Home automation systems
Office and Home Automation Systems

Modern fast paced world keeps us all occupied with multiple thoughts and sometimes we miss out little acts that may significantly impact our utility bills or even home security. Thanks to technology, now even if you have missed to switch off the lights while rushing away from home or turn on the safe lock before leaving office, it’s all possible from anywhere you are just using your mobile app. You can stay assured with peace of mind when you have Security and Home Automation Systems from Businesszone.


AV and Light Automation for Home & Office

We make life simple and worry free with our range of automation products that lets you have complete control of your Lighting, Security, Audio Video and Surveillance at your fingertips. Further you can also pre-define settings based themes for your home/office environment that would have different lighting, music and curtain arrangements for business meetings, presentations, private meetings, parties or home theatre ambiance. With the huge variety of options available, Automation is the recent best innovation that has been available to Office and home users. The scope of automation and remote accessibility has no limits as long as there are no budgetary constraints. Businesszone has a dedicated team as a distributor for Lighting Automation in Dubai and supply AV & Lighting Automation Solutions to resellers and channel partners across UAE.

Security Automation for Home & Office

With automation not only you have complete control of your lighting and appliances, but have a remote control of your security as well. You can stay alert in case of any variation of temperature, leaks, smoke, intrusion etc. or even lock/grant access to someone in your absence if you wish to. You can always have a quick view of what’s happening around while you are away or even have a snap shot of the scene sent to you anytime there is an intrusion or motion in an unoccupied area. Being a distributor in Dubai, Businesszone is a reliable Distributor and supplier for highly scalable Security Automation System for Home & Office, to resellers and channel partners across UAE.

Businesszone provides Office & Home Automation products in Dubai, UAE, that leave you connected with your office or home 24/7 from almost anywhere. We let you enjoy the flexibility of freedom and convenience at your fingertips, while being secure. Our automation solutions let you have complete control of:

  • Lights and Curtains
  • Air Conditioners & Ventilation
  • Projectors and Screens
  • Television & Home Theatre Systems
  • Smart Home Appliances
  • CCTV Cameras & Intercoms
  • Door Access Controls & Gate Barriers
  • Security Sensors
  • Digital Signage

Smart Automation in Dubai with Businesszone

Domotics is here to stay and with the widespread use of smart technology appliances, seamless integration of all modern appliances to automation is quite convenient. 

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