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HIKVision Thermal Imaging Camera System

Businesszone Trading is a leading supplier of thermal cameras, systems and advanced surveillance solutions in Dubai. As a leading distributor of HIKVision Thermal Cameras in UAE we can provide devices across a range of scenarios such as perimeter protection, temperature measurement, and fire detection. Hikvision Thermal Cameras are the ideal choice for enhanced awareness of events and emergencies 24/7. Built to endure harsh outdoor environments and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the Security Series can be easily turned into advanced perimeter protection systems for critical infrastructures in UAE. 

Hikvision thermal products feature three innovative functions for better environmental adaptability: Auto Gain Control (AGC), Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE), and 3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR). AGC adjusts the dynamic range of the image to help the image retain balanced brightness; DDE, based on an algorithm defining a region of interest, renders more detail in the on-screen image; and 3D DNR further minimizes the influence of hot pixels, making images appear even sharper.

Fever Screening Camera

HIKVision Handheld Thermography Camera is designed to effectively measure differences in temperature in situations that require the rapid identification of body temperature changes and it can be used as a fever screening system that is used as a first-level mass screening test for accurately identifying individuals that have an above-normal body temperature and have a systemic fever and may be suffering from Coronavirus, Ebola, Common Influenza, Norovirus, SARS and other flu variants such as Avian Flu, Bird and Swine flu, etc.

The advantages of thermal screening:

  • Cost effective: cameras can measure the temperature of multiple people at once, especially beneficial in busy public areas
  • Contactless measurement: effectively avoids cross-contamination
  • Reduced psychological impact: the non-interfering process provokes less fear and negative emotions
  • Data collection and integration capabilities: centralized data collection enables data analysis and thermal imaging technology can be integrated with other solutions, such as facial recognition, alarm systems and more, for effective response and tracking


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