HR Payroll Software in Dubai, UAE

Automating Payroll gives the flexibility to an organisation to better manage their work force. One of the biggest advantages of having an HR Payroll Software is that it considerably saves time of HR process including the time taken for routine calculations and administrative paper work. To have the process automated means, all the attendance reports derived at the end of the month only needs to be further approved and processed.

HRMS Software & Biometric Time Attendance devices

Businesszone offers Biometric Finger Print Time Attendance systems such as Finger Print Identification Systems, Face Recognition Systems, Finger Vein Readers and Palm Vein Readers in UAE; that redefines the authentication process. Also the possibility of mismanagement including buddy punch and manipulating attendance records is eliminated. By using IP based Time Attendance systems, HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) with advanced Biometric Time Attendance devices facilitates Centralized management of workforce deployed across multiple locations.

Finger/Palm Vein Reader and HR Payroll Software

With the advanced Finger Vein Readers and Palm Vein Readers in Dubai, Time Attendance recording is quite convenient for challenging environments where the hand of users are normally covered with dust, oil or the fine layer of skin has peeled off due to weather change in UAE. The advanced Palm Vein Reader and Finger Vein Reader systems distributed in Dubai, verify the pattern of Vein and this is unique for every individual.

Benefits of HR Payroll Software Solutions

With Businesszone’s advanced HR Payroll Software Solutions in Dubai, organisations can benefit by preventing loss of wages with accurate results obtained according to the actual shift hours worked, overtime, special assignments etc. The entry and exit punch received from every employee is recorded live, so that all reports are immediately available for the HR department to review. The management can thus plan their workforce accordingly and act to improve work performance.

Attendance & Payroll Software Distributor in Dubai

HR Payroll Software focused for customers in Dubai, UAE gives the HR quick accessibility to daily, monthly, yearly statistics of employee attendance, leaves, salaries, allowances, bonus and overtime. We are authorized distributors for Standalone and Web based HR Payroll software versions available and maintain adequate stock to meet the growing demand of our channel partners and resellers. Being a distributor for HR Payroll Software in Dubai, we ensure that our software is compatible with WPS (Wage Protection System) of UAE and hence facilitates quick payroll processing.


  • Easy payroll management
  • Save unnecessary overheads and costs
  • Reduce time and increase payroll efficiency
  • Validate and Eliminate duplicate entries


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