ERP Solution in Dubai, UAE

Implementing ERP Solution can be a game changer for your organization. Identifying the correct ERP software package and good implementation partner plays a pivotal role in ensuring that you get  a solution that is best suited for your company's growing requirements.

The requirements of different industries and type of businesses are different. It is only by virtue of an ERP consultant that a firm can be assured that their requirements are properly  communicated, evaluated and verify the best being delivered, based on their experiences.  We give this consultative approach  to our end customers, ensuring that we, and you understand the particular businesses needs and together choose the best option available.

COG eRetail - Enterprise Resources Planning System automates and integrates core business processes such as Pay Roll and HR management, Bill Receivables, Bill Payables, DMS,  Assets and Accounting.  

  • Be in touch with your office from anywhere anytime.
  • Store your Document secured in Database.
  • One touch scan and view of any documents.
  • Multi-level consolidations.
  • Multi Users .
  • Role based access control.
  • Templates for Sales Quotations, Purchase Orders & Order Forms.
  • Alerts of document approval, document expiry, PDC, Stock level, Credit limit etc.
  • User defined Document Numbering System.
  • Barcode enabled for all inventory related transaction.
  • Multi-Currency support.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers.  It involves using technology to organize, automate/synchronize sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

CRM systems help companies engage with their customers to build fruitful relationships, manage their sales life cycle and position themselves ahead of their competitors

The CRM codified the interactions between Company and customers so that you can maximize sales / profit using analytics to give the sales team as much information on where to focus their marketing and customer service to maximize revenue while reducing idle or unproductive contract with your customers.

The Systems can automatically synchronize suitable appointment dates, times and methods for customer contact. Once appointments are saved in systems calendar, recalls the information so that it can be easily retrieved. It pulls up information on appointments and sends a represented message for action.

  • Client profiles management.
  • Central repository of all communication.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Follow-ups.
  • Document archives.
  • Task allocation.
  • Staff Management.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Lead Pipeline.


Document Management

The solution simplifies the process of creating new documents or making changes to existing ones.  It allows users to initiate these requests and take the document through various stages as per rules and workflows defined at the organizational level. Tasks for creating, reviewing, and approving documents are assigned based on roles and responsibilities along with due dates. Email notifications and reminders keep the process on schedule.

  • Multi-level Approvals.
  • Approval Reviews.
  • Access Rights
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Location independent
  • Fast Search


Workflow Management

COG eRetail - Enterprise Resources Planning System seamlessly connects tasks,  documents,  data and people into a single collaborative work environment and empowers them with an easily configurable workflow tool.

  • Real-time visibility and eliminate process bottlenecks.
  • Optimize your processes and scale your daily operations.
  • Increase your team productivity and boost collaboration 


Finance & Accounting

Sound, responsible financial management is at the heart of business success. COG eRetail - Enterprise Resources Planning System Solutions for financial management give your people a way to raise the visibility of financial metrics and the effectiveness of financial management throughout your organization, all using familiar tools and existing skills.
Flexible and user defined financial years

  • No limitation on number of accounts and sub accounts
  • Journal Voucher
  • Credit Note & Debit Note
  • Credit Limit to customers. (Days and Amount)
  • Customer-wise Item Price Allocation
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
  • Cash Book, Bank Book and Day Book
  • Double Entry General Ledger


Inventory Management

To keep your retail business running smoothly, you need a cost effective inventory management system.  COG eRetail solutions can help you improve inventory management processes. COG eRetail - Enterprise Resources Planning System Inventory is an extended inventory module for all kinds of industries like General trading, Retailers, Integrators, Wholesalers, Manufactures or Distributors.

  • User definable categorization of Items and groups.
  • Facility for Bar-code based inventory management.
  • Facility to set multiple sales prices.
  • Stock Quantity on Hand & Quantity Reserved
  • Maximum to Stock and Minimum to Order.
  • Fast Moving Items and Dead Stock.
  • Multiple Warehouses and Goods Transfer between locations.
  • Physical Stock Count and Stock adjustments.
  • Easy Querying for Product/Stock
  • Multi-Location Inventory Control.
  • Multi- Units
  • Non Stock Items

COG eRetail - Enterprise Resources Planning System has the complete purchase transactions starting from Requisition, leading enquiry to multiple vendors, recording of Quotations received, Quotation Comparison, Purchase Order,  LPO approvals, Goods Receipts and automatic updation of General and Vendor ledgers.

  • Create Purchase Order from Material requisition & Minimum Order Level
  • Goods Receipts
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Return
  • Outstanding Purchase Order report
  • Integrated with Batch number.
  • Calculate Supplier  cost, Fright cost, Handling charges and expenses to calculate Landed cost automatically
  • Multi-Currency
  • Material Requisition Templates 
  • Bill wise Payment  Register for Vendors
  • Automate post Account Transaction against purchases



Manufacturing in COG eRetail - Enterprise Resources Planning System is fully integrated with inventory. Ideal for discrete and continuous manufacturing processes.  It updates the Work-In-Progress status on a real time basis across all production lines, all the way up to the Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet automatically.

  • Seamlessly integrated with Inventory control.
  • Multi-level Bills of Materials & BOM Registers.
  • Job Tracking.
  • Sales Order driven Manufacturing.
  • Goods Issue against Work Order.
  • Automated updation of WIP status.
  • Production Scheduling.
  • Raw Material Issue and Returns.
  • Track Components of assemblies.
  • Integrated with Batch/Production Lot Number, Manufacturing Date and Expiry Date.
  • Automatic Costing.



Service personnel would be working on different projects at the same time.   We have specially designed time sheet to track labour cost project wise, stages and sub-stages wise.  This will generate automatic payroll for the man hours deployed.

  • Cost center wise analysis of revenue and expenses.
  • Inventory wise and Amount wise Budgeting & Variance
  • Inventory level allocation of cost centers
  • Multi-level electronic document authorization.
  • Internal messaging system for the users.
  • Extended Job wise Time sheet entry.
  • Automated Job wise Payroll Processing.



COG eRetail - Enterprise Resources Planning System provides you an in-depth sales cycle from Enquiry, Quotations, Sales order, Delivery Note, Stock and Service Invoice gives you complete control over the sales operations.  Real time updation of respective General Ledgers and Customer Ledgers instantly gives an unmatched power to generate reports instantaneously anytime.

  • Sales Enquiry from Customer and Follow-up / Cancellation
  • Pending Sales Enquiries.
  • Sales Quotation and Follow-up / Cancellation
  • Sales Order Processing.
  • Stock reservation for customers based on orders.
  • Maintenance of samples given to customers.
  • Sales analysis based on Items, Geographical Locations, Salesmen etc.
  • Sales register & Sales returns register.
  • Sales Invoice Blocking by Credit Days & Credit amount.
  • Overdue Pending Invoices.
  • Pending Bills Ageing Reports.
  • Tracking for Pending Delivery Notes.
  • Sales Invoice with or without delivery notes.
  • Multiple Delivery Note against one Invoice.
  • Barcode Scanning facility for easy item entry.
  • Multi-Currency.


Human Resource Management (HRM)

COG eRetail Human Resources Management module is a complete suite of Human Resource Management system.  It takes care of entire human resource cycle right from recruitment to retirement. It handles Employee Management, Attendance & Payroll, Leaves, Performance Evaluation, and Loans /Advances Management.

  • Leave Management.
  • Overtime Management.
  • Shift Management.
  • Loans & Advances.
  • Document Management.
  • Attendance recording with Time Attendance.
  • Pay slip.