Full Swing Golf Simulator

Businesszone is an authorised distributor of Full Swing Golf Simulator for UAE & Middle East. With its presence in over 30 countries, internet connected Full Swing Golf Simulators keep the game going day & night, throughout the year. State of the art ball tracking, championship courses & superior performance products are the features that place Full Swing Golf Simulators ahead of competition. 

Golf Simulator for Home

Full Swing Golf Simulator caters to be the best solution for ardent Golf fans who aspire to enjoy their game, but at times need to do away due to harsh weather and extreme heat conditions. With our solution irrespective of time, day and climate, Golfers get to have uninterrupted games and fun for as long as they want.

Golf Simulator for Business

Businesszone is the authorised Distributor in Dubai for Full Swing Golf Simulator and can take care of your turnkey requirements, right from the design stage until execution. Performance, realism and endurance, makes Full Swing Golf Simulator the perfect choice for gaming or business in Dubai & Middle East. 

Golf Simulator for Hotels

We are sure Businesszone as the authorised dealer in Dubai would be able to offer the best Golf Simulator experience to:

The Hospitality industry such as Hotels, Clubs, Amusement Centres &

Recreation Centres at Airports, Universities and Luxury Villas across UAE & Middle East.

Key features:

  • Dual tracking technology
  • Fluid and real time environment
  • Realistic, smooth and precise ball flight
  • Data feedback that matters
  • 93 Championship courses
  • Superior user interfaces
  • Simulator durability and longevity
  • Meticulous course reproduction
Golf Simulator


For Enquiries, please contact: Toll Free # 800 BZONE(29663)