Video Door Phone

Imagine the immense sense of security you get when you know for sure who is at the other end of the door to your house or office premises. This is precisely what Businesszone strives to achieve with its video door phone solutions. The need to achieve foolproof security by implementing adequate security measures pervades all businesses. There is also the need to control access to particular areas and to be able to actively monitor and allow entry to only selected people.

For such easy access control and entry management, our video door phones are ideal security solutions. Video door phones usually contain two units – an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit usually has a phone receiver and a camera, whereas the indoor unit contains a phone receiver and a display. There can be many variations to this model, and extra features might be present. This enables you to see for yourself and talk to a person if necessary, before allowing entry.

Businesszone is one of the leading video door phone distributors in Duabi. Among all the video door phone companies in the UAE, our products and services have always been much sought after by businesses. We have built a strong reputation as one of the most reliable companies to do business with when it comes to eminent quality security solutions. Our range of video door phones covers the entire product spectrum- from basic, entry level products to feature packed, high end solutions. 

Our Services

As one of the best video door phone dealers in the UAE, it is our commitment to make high quality products available for all customers. Our video door phone products are carefully chosen from among the best brands in the world so as to maintain a standard of topmost quality in all our products. We are one of the most important Auxin video door phone dealers in Duabi and our products can be used for any requirement. Here are a few important features that you can get with our video door phones –

  • Basic video door phones which have corded receiver units, basic camera and color display. These basic units are good for general use and come with two-way communication and crisp and clear audio. It also has the option of choosing different ringtones for indoor units, and adjustable volume, display contrast and brightness.
  • Hands free video door phones have the same features, with the difference that the receiving unit is embedded into the body of the indoor and outdoor units. This allows for hands free operation at both ends.
  • Models with added features like built-in touchpads, the ability to install multiple indoor monitors for one outdoor unit, remote unlocking of doors from indoor units, tamper alarms and the option of recording outdoor unit camera footage.

There is always the requirement for high quality security equipment tailored to fit specific purposes. With such variety and versatility in our catalog, we can easily be considered one of the foremost video door phone companies in Dubai to meet these requirements. We welcome you to do business with us for any video door phone requirement.