GPS or Global Positioning System has penetrated multiple aspects of commercial and personal life in today’s times. GPS makes it possible for you to accurately view your location on a map, find places, get directions for travel and plan routes for transit. From being a novelty, GPS technology has progressed leaps and bounds and is now almost a household requirements for most people.

If you need quality GPS solutions and are looking at GPS companies in Duabi to do business with, the solutions we provide at Businesszone are sure to fit your requirements. We are one of the leading GPS companies in the UAE, supplying high quality GPS equipment for personal and commercial use. Our products are carefully selected with the view to make the latest advancements in GPS technology available for one and all. With our vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, companies can dramatically increase the efficiency of their fleet, save long term costs and make their operation more environmentally friendly. The GPS solutions can also be integrated with vehicle infotainment purpose and assists drivers in navigation in unknown terrains. Our GPS solutions finds practical application in business as well as in the day to day lives of people through consumer navigation devices and smartphones. 

Our Solutions

A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals

Businesszone has been one of the most reputed suppliers of security and access control solutions in Muscat for many years. Our reputation precedes us as we always maintain to a strict standard of quality in our products and services. The quality and reliability we have been able to achieve with our vehicle tracking system easily makes us one of the best vehicle tracking companies in Duabi. Our solutions include –

  1. Complete and comprehensive vehicle tracking and fleet management services.
  2. Real time monitoring of all vehicles in a fleet.
  3. Monitoring current location and route of all vehicles.
  4. Monitoring of vehicle speeds.
  5. Geographical fence alerts and emergency situation alerts.
  6. Ignition on / off alerts.
  7. Remote control of vehicle ignition.
  8. Remote activation of emergency brakes and damage control measures in emergency situations.
  9. Real time monitoring of fuel levels and fuel consumption.
  10. Specialized software for monitoring all data and storing past data for later use.
  11. Generation of detailed reports according to business requirements.
  12. Support for all major mapping software including both free, open source and premium alternatives.
  13. Support for tracking from mobile devices.
  14. Scalable systems which allow you to add more vehicles to your fleet and incorporate GPS with minimal hassle.

With these solutions, Businesszone can be the company of choice when you are looking for a vehicle tracking company in the UAE. Our solutions allow you to not only streamline your existing fleet structure and achieve unprecedented efficiency, but also to significantly reduce running costs. Furthermore, you can make your operation a green operation thanks to the numerous environmental benefits which our GPS solutions can give you. Come to us for all your GPS needs, and you will walk away a satisfied customer.