Structured Cabling Product Distributor

Businesszone is a leading Distributor and authorized dealer for the best quality and value added products in passive networking components, structured cabling, network cabling and structured wiring. We offer products from top quality manufacturers such as D-Link and Nexzone. Only quality cabling can add a degree of efficiency and smoothness to the Networking Infrastructure of any Business process. Reliable cabling is mandatory for a company to enhance communication and maintain contact both inside and outside company premises while also being able to facilitate easy data transfer.

Businesszone is an authorised Nexzone Cable Distributor in Dubai UAE for Passive Networking Solutions that include Copper Solution and Fiber Optic Solution. We are distributors for best quality Etisalat approved and UL certified CAT6 Cables from Nexzone. Copper systems include CAT6A UTP, CAT5E FTP, CAT5E UTP, CAT6 FTP, CAT6 UTP, CAT6A FTP etc. As a Nexzone distributor in Dubai, apart from this we also offer best quality Single and Dual Face plates, Keystone Jacks, Patch Panels and Cabinets. Nexzone Fiber optic solution offers Adapters, Fiber Patch Cords, Multi mode indoor optical cables and Multi mode outdoor optical cables.

A large number of companies have often shifted their focus from cabling to PABX and then focusing only on the revenue at the forefront. Businesszone has always maintained the same level of focus across all the products it caters to and especially with VOICE & DATA as the mainstay of communication needs. If you too want to take your business to the next level then reach out to Businesszone, one of the premier structured cabling distributors in Dubai that provides comprehensive structured cabling solution products for quality service and long lasting network stability. We have always been seen to be one of the most reputed structured cabling dealer in UAE. Our main goal is to become the leading structured cabling products distributor in Dubai & provide top quality CAT 6 Cables, CAT6 Patch Panels, Fibre Patch Cords, Media Convertors, RG59 Coaxial Cables to help businesses manage all their communication needs in an intuitive, robust and efficient manner.

Network Solutions UAE

As one of the main CAT5 & CAT6 structured cabling products distributor in Dubai, we understand that every domain of business needs superb quality structured cabling and fibre cables. For business communications to be smooth and effective, cabling needs to be well-planned and expertly installed and maintained. We at Businesszone take pride in providing you with long lasting CAT6 cabling solutions that would go a long way to empower your business while remaining cost effective. The most important part of our services is to provide structured cabling - a system on which your business processes depends. Achieving good productivity becomes so much easier when you have good quality structured cabling installed in your business premises.

Businesszone is also an approved D-Link partner for Passive Networking products and a distributor for Dlink CAT6 cables and networking accessories including patch panels, patch cords etc. 

As one of the leading CAT6 data and voice cable products dealers in Dubai, it is our responsibility to provide businesses with the highest quality of structured cabling services. It is our continuous effort to keep improving on the standards of quality we set for ourselves, both with our range of products and our services. A well laid out and well-implemented structured cabling system can make business processes smooth and productive, while also playing a big part in reducing company costs considerably. It is our effort to strike a perfect balance between these two aspects with our comprehensive services.

Our services include –

  1.  Planning of structured cabling solutions
  2.  Assist resellers  with planning their Installation and deployment of structured cabling systems
  3. Customized additions, alterations and expansions of existing cabling systems
  4. Plan-level changes to cabling systems with a view to achieve better functionality and added efficiency
  5. Administration and upkeep of cabling systems
  6. Assist Contract maintenance and emergency repairs of structured cabling & network systems.

We assist n Contract maintenance and emergency repairs of structured cabling and networking systems. As one of the best branded structured cabling products distributors in Dubai, Businesszone has taken the concept and execution of structured cabling to new heights. With our solutions, you have a range of communication options including Audio solutions, video walls, voice calls, video conferencing and data transfer. Apart from the brands that we manage, the quality of our services along with our trained staff makes us better than other networking, data and voice cable distributors in the UAE.


Networking & Structured Cabling Accessories

Businesszone provides an extensive range of network cabling accessories from a number of top manufacturers. Our range encompasses all requirements and budgets.

For details please contact Toll Free:  800 BZONE (29663) or