Hotek 2900 Classic RFID - without mechanical key optio
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    Hotek 2900 Classic RFID - without mechanical key optio
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    Keycard Systems
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    A traditional hotel room door lock, converted to the lock of the future. That is what the Hotek 2900 CLASSIC RFID is. Quality and safety have been paramount in the development of this robust lock. The Hotek 2900 CLASSIC RFID is thus equipped with a built-in alarm, which is activated when the door is not properly closed. A feeling of safety for your guests and of great convenience to housekeeping.

    The Hotek 2900 CLASSIC RFID is beneficial in its acquisition when compared to many other locks, while it is of a high quality. The lock is equipped with durable contactless card technology, which is insensitive to scratches and magnetic fields. The battery has a high longevity and both the locks and the cards are low-maintenance. The locks are standard equipped with an emergency cylinder and a special fire prevention card to keep the doors open during an emergency.

    The Hotek 2900 CLASSIC RFID combines intelligence with user-friendliness and surety. Your guests do not need to insert a card in the slot anymore, but merely hold it in front of the reader in order to open the door. The lock is fire certified and designed and assembled in the Netherlands. Existing magnetic card systems can be transformed by means of an upgrade into the Hotek 2900 CLASSIC RFID.



    • In accordance with ISO-14443A/B standards.
    • Lock without a cable, current using 4 x standard AA batteries incl. low battery voltage alarm.
    • Longevity of batteries minimum 2-3 years.
    • Emergency cylinder and mechanical key to open the door in case of emergency.
    • Electronic mortise, with anti-panic function and dead bolt lock.
    • The lock draws the attention of the guest with a subtle alarm if the door is not properly closed.
    • Once the lock is bolted on the inside by the guest, it is visible through the red glowing LED (privacy function).
    • Optionally available with wall readers for control of electric doors and/or locks.
    • Optionally available with intelligent energy control units for switching current in the hotel room.

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